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Community Design Guidelines

We are pleased with the community planning and building efforts to date. We aim to streamline how architects and developers design and build community. We’re doing this through a unique approach: we have defined a set of “Community Design Guidelines” that will be used to guide the various teams building projects @UDistrict.

The Community Design Guidelines will be refined moving forward and will be available to architects and developers prior to development. We look forward to discussing the guidelines with developers as we move forward and hearing your feedback and perspectives on how they can be improved and customized further for Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Our goal will be to find the common ground where developers can build great, successful projects while also building long-term socially sustainable communities.

Development Design Guidelines

We also have a separate set of preliminary Design Guidelines to be used by architects and developers to guide design standards including environmental sustainability goals. The Design Guidelines are currently being refined and updates will be made based on further stakeholder consultations.